Internet opinion poll:

So is doing buy one/get one half off today and I need help picking a second hat. I already got this sweet Orioles jawn

So, do I go with a Brooklyn Dodgers snapback:

should I replace my Indians throwback:

or, finally, the 1991 Minnesota Twins:

remember, I can only pick one of the last 3. Which is it?

  1. freshcutwatermelon answered: Brooklyn. The B makes that shit
  2. breakfastinbed answered: nope
  3. jbowesmusic said: I stand behind you 100%, and I’ll support your decision, whatever it is.
  4. iamdirtfarmer said: Twins!
  5. illustratedexample said: Twins
  6. earth-to-bella answered: I hardly know anything about baseball, but I’d pick the Dodgers hat because I really like that shade of blue.
  7. theyseemerollins answered: a brooklyn dodgers snapback is stupid yo, either go fitted or go home. i vote for the 91 twins /biased.
  8. hat-tee answered: brooklyn for sure
  9. thornsinsidemyspine answered: The 1991 Minnesota twins hat.
  10. jdulayftw answered: Blue looks good on you.
  11. proper-superhero-shit answered: indians throwback
  12. spinning-around said: JAWWWWWWN
  13. mattgorman said: Cleveland
  14. brooklyntree said: I like the Indians one.
  15. greekinevitability answered: I’d go for the dodgers
  16. samsplace answered: Much as I love my tribe you have to go with your new home town, Brooklyn.
  17. kiss-distinctly-american answered:…
  18. girl-detective answered: No sleep till Brooklyn.
  19. hammerito posted this
Thursday, 13th December