This is my only thought on gun control

The problem isn’t so much the law going forward (which will be a delightful debate, I’m sure) as the fact that there are currently about 275 million firearms in the United States.

Aaaaaaaaand, more to the point,

I’m going to bet that the majority of them are owned by the pry ‘em from my cold dead hands” folks* who have been freaking out about losing their guns since loooooong before anyone seemed ready to address the issue.

So. To restrict sales of new firearms would be a nice start, but there is no shortage of firearms currently in existence because America so saturated the market in the first place. That is a problem.

  1. gru3some said: And they should limit the type of guns people can own. We have no need for semi-automatic or automatic weapons.
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  3. jisforjean said: and for the fact that gun control with restricting the use of it will be more likely to prevent murder, but it’s also more of the people who use it. My analogy is the same as having a knife, we know we are capable of killing but we chose not to.
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