Hey there. So I’ve been pretty absent lately thanks to New Year’s resolutions and the folks who make them. As you may remember (probably not, that’s cool too), a shitty boss forced me temporarily from my job in November, only to be himself fired/demoted/whatever in December, and for the last month I’ve been back and working under our new manager who is not only a legitimate Grade A bawsss, but also a super nice dude and a really good friend. In the last week, I’ve picked up enough serious, long-term clients to essentially guarantee that I can keep living in New York indefinitely, and I’m beyond excited.

I dunno. This is kind of a directionless screed, but I guess the point is that things are going unbelievably well right now and I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention it. I hope errbody else is doing well too. I’m sure I’ll be back to killing free time on the interwebz as soon as things settle down.

Here is a puppy.



  1. yoconozco said: PUPPPPYYYYYYY
  2. jenini said: glad to hear it!
  3. thenortheasterner said: Congrats sir!
Tuesday, 22nd January