Six long months

About six months ago, I started Project H, which was basically my way of using weightlifting to cope with a breakup and channel whatever whatever (~feelz) into something productive. Since the year is about over, here’s the breakdown:

  • July weight: 192 lbs.
  • Finishing weight: 213 lbs.
  • July body fat %: 5.1%
  • Finishing body fat %: 11.1%*
  • July max squat: 205 lbs.
  • Finishing max squat: 385 lbs.
  • July max deadlift: 245 lbs.
  • Finishing max deadlift: 455 lbs.
  • July ass size: not large at all
  • Ass size now: totally gimondous


  • average daily caloric intake: ~4,250-4,750 cal
  • number of gallons of milk per day: 1
  • "how the fuck am I getting out of bed today?" days: 73 or so